6-9 July 2015
Moscow, Troitsk
Europe/Moscow timezone

Local newspaper on PD15 (in Russian, by V. Milovidov)

Conference photo (by Mikhail Fedin)

More photos from PD15 (by Mikhail Fedin)

Photos by Andrey Selidovkin

PD15 in news on local TV (Trotek) ~3:30-8:10


Bus stop "Detskaya poliklinika" and Children School of Arts (the white building)

Venue of the PD15 Conference

(Google map shows wrong address):

Yandex map

Google map

Address: Moscow, Troitsk, Oktyabr'skiy prospekt, 12, Children School of Arts

Bus stop: "Detskaya poliklinika"

How to get from Moscow:

From metro station "Tyoplyi Stan" (or "Teply Stan", orange line, south-west): bus  #398, commercial or municipal. 

Distance: 23 km

Trip time: 30-40 minutes (minimum), but it depends on the traffic situation, because the Kaluzhskoe Shosse is under reconstruction.

Commercial bus Commercial bus #398 (Tyoply Stan - Troitsk):   50 rubles (to a driver)

Municipal bus Municipal bus #398 Tyoply Stan - Troitsk:   55 rubles to a driver or much cheaper with Troika card or with a ticket bought in advance


Here is a route on the Yandex: from metro to the venue of the conference

Transport smart card Troika

(for Moscow metro, buses etc.)


Cafe/restaurants and banks around PD15



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Useful Russian search engine Yandex (in English)



Moscow Metro Map (English) 



Wikipedia on Moscow (with links)



Weather in Troitsk, Moscow


Web cameras in Troitsk, Moscow

Square on the Sirenevyi Bulvar

View from Oktyabr'skij prospekt, bld. 23

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