6-9 July 2015
Moscow, Troitsk
Europe/Moscow timezone
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Afternoon Session 8 July/D


Location: Moscow, Troitsk
Address: Children School of Arts, Oktyabr'skij prospekt, 12
Date: 8 Jul 16:40 - 18:20


    • Musienko, Yuri (INR RAS (Moscow)/University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame))

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Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 8 July/D
Russian domestic medicine is suffering from a crippling deficit of modern equipment for diagnostics. Almost all of this equipment was imported. Most of them are operated for more than 10 years and are now needed to be either modernized or completely replaced. Proof-of-principle prototype of the gamma-camera module was assembled. The prototype consists of 64-channel matrix of $6\times 6 ~mm^2$ K ... More
Presented by Dmitry PHILIPPOV on 8/7/2015 at 17:40
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 8 July/D
Project NICA/MPD is dedicated to study of hot and dense baryonic matter in collisions of heavy ions (up to Au$^{+79}$) in energy region $4\leq \sqrt{S_{NN}} \leq 11$ GeV. The ToF system of MPD is the main detector for particles identification. It has to have time resolution better than 100 ps for separate pion/kaon in the momentum range 0-2.5 GeV/c and proton/kaon in the range 0-4.5 GeV/c. The sto ... More
Presented by Mikhail RUMYANTSEV on 8/7/2015 at 18:00
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 8 July/D
A fully automated measurement setup for measuring SIPM detectors will be presented. Light source, positioning table, cooling system and data acquisition system will be described. Example results for MAPD-3N and MPPC S12572-010P will be shown.
Presented by Andrzej RYCHTER on 8/7/2015 at 17:00
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 8 July/D
Gamma locator is a handheld lightweight and compact gamma probe based on a scintillation crystal LaBr3:Ce and SensL MicroFB-30035-SMT silicone photomultiplier to be used for detection of gamma-radiation emitted by radionuclides such as Tc-99m, I-125, In-111, F-18. There are two main applications of gamma locator: intraoperative detection of sentinel lymph nodes and non-invasive scanning the surfa ... More
Presented by Anastasia BERDNIKOVA on 8/7/2015 at 17:20
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 8 July/D
In the paper the light output and the time resolution of polystyrene scintillators-WLS samples have been measured with use wavelength shifting (WLS) fiber readout. The samples of different thickness (7-30 mm) have been made in the shape of bricks and plates with the areas of 25×80 and 108×134 (268) of mm$^2$ respectively. Besides samples of “ordinary” scintillator with additions of 2% ... More
Presented by Vitaliy SEMENOV on 8/7/2015 at 16:40
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