6-9 July 2015
Moscow, Troitsk
Europe/Moscow timezone
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Contribution poster

Improved Performance and High Fill Factor TSV Packaged SiPM by SensL


  • Mr. Vyacheslav TIMOSHIN

Primary authors



SensL is undertaking continued development of silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) technology, both in performance and packaging. This poster presents some recent advances made in the packaging and performance of SensL SiPM sensors. We will show a better than order-of-magnitude reduction in the dark count rate resulting from process improvements. These ultra-low dark count rates are now available in SensL’s current C-Series generation of SiPM sensors. Further gains are from the development of advanced through silicon via (TSV) technology that results in improved packaging solutions. An analysis of the various SensL packaging options is also presented, showing PDE measurements and the calculated fill factor of epoxy, micro leadframe package (MLP), and TSV packaging approaches. SensL will present improved core SiPM characteristics such as dark count rate and afterpulsing in its latest sensor which in turn enables leading CRT (Coincidence Resolving Time) for ToF-PET applications.

Author's Institution

SensL Technologies Ltd., 6800 Airport Business Park, Cork, Ireland