6-9 July 2015
Moscow, Troitsk
Europe/Moscow timezone
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Morning Session 7 July/B


Location: Moscow, Troitsk
Address: Children School of Arts, Oktyabr'skij prospekt, 12
Date: 7 Jul 11:10 - 12:30


    • Lubsandorzhiev, Bayarto (Institute for Nuclear Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

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Type: talk Session: Morning Session 7 July/B
Photomultiplier Tubes (PMT) are the most wide spread light detectors for measuring fast and faint signals. About six years ago we started an improvement program for the PMT candidates for the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) project with the companies Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. (Japan) and Electron Tubes Enterprises Ltd. (England). CTA is the next major Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes array ... More
Presented by Razmik MIRZOYAN on 7/7/2015 at 11:10
Type: talk Session: Morning Session 7 July/B
KM3NeT is a multi-cubic-kilometer neutrino telescopes under construction in the Mediterranean Sea. KM3NeT will study of neutrinos of cosmic origin in the TeV-PeV energy range, and neutrino oscillation and mass hierarchy using atmospheric neutrinos in the GeV range. Both projects will use the same design of active elements to detect Cherenkov light of charged secondary particles – the optical mod ... More
Presented by Oleg KALEKIN on 7/7/2015 at 12:10
Type: talk Session: Morning Session 7 July/B
Detectors, based on liquefied noble gases, are becoming more and more important in the field of neutrino and rare events physics. The measurement of scintillation light produced at the passage of an ionizing particle in the liquid medium plays a crucial role in these detectors and Photo-Multiplier Tubes (PMTs), directly immersed in liquid argon or xenon at cryogenic temperature, represent the most ... More
Presented by Andrea FALCONE on 7/7/2015 at 11:30
Type: talk Session: Morning Session 7 July/B
Photomultiplier tubes (PMT) used as photodetectors, are of current importance nowadays. Wide application of photon detectors in high-energy physics, cosmic ray physics, astrophysics, security systems and medical diagnostics requires huge variety of photomultiplier tubes’ types both by dimensions and parameters. "MELZ FEU" Ltd. is a leading Russian designer and manufacturer of various types of P ... More
Presented by Ilya SILAEV on 7/7/2015 at 11:50
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