6-9 July 2015
Moscow, Troitsk
Europe/Moscow timezone
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Afternoon Session 7 July/C


Location: Moscow, Troitsk
Address: Children School of Arts, Oktyabr'skij prospekt, 12
Date: 7 Jul 14:00 - 15:20


    • Haba, Junji (KEK)

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Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 7 July/C
The RED100 double-phase emission detector is currently being prepared for the experiment aimed on the registration of the phenomenon of coherent neutrino scattering off xenon nuclei, having several dozens of Hamamatsu R11410-20 PMTs in its structure. Since the detector must be capable to detect rare events with small amount of the released energy, it is mandatory to evaluate the sensitivity and no ... More
Presented by Yury MELIKYAN on 7/7/2015 at 15:00
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 7 July/C
The VSiPMT (Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube) is an innovative design for a revolutionary hybrid photodetector. The idea, born with the purpose to use a SiPM for large detection volumes, consists in replacing the classical dynode chain with a SiPM. In this configuration, we match the large sensitive area of a photocathode with the performances of the SiPM technology, which therefore acts like ... More
Presented by Felicia Carla Tiziana BARBATO on 7/7/2015 at 14:40
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 7 July/C
The Vacuum Silicon PhotoMultiplier Tube (VSiPMT) is a new concept of photodetector based on the combination of the outstanding performances of SiPMs and the large sensitive surfaces of PMTs. Such device is made of a PMT standard envelope, with a photocathode for photon-electron conversion and an electrostatic focusing system that accelerates and focuses the generated photoelectrons towards a smal ... More
Presented by Daniele VIVOLO on 7/7/2015 at 14:20
Type: talk Session: Afternoon Session 7 July/C
Hyper-Kamiokande is a proposed next generation underground water Cherenkov detector capable of observing leptonic CP violation, nucleon decay, supernova neutrino and so on. Because of its large volume, 20(25) times larger than that of Super-Kamiokande for total (fiducial) mass, the total cost of photo-detectors will be expensive. Therefore cost-effective and high performance large-area photo-detec ... More
Presented by Miao JIANG on 7/7/2015 at 14:00
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